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Digital Advertising

Where Can I Advertise?

At Hexapoint, our Paid Ads Team excels in delivering a wide range of digital marketing solutions through Paid Advertising. Our approach encompasses several types of advertising techniques, each uniquely designed to reach audiences in the most effective ways.

Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, including platforms like Google Ads, is a cornerstone of our strategy, where we manage campaigns that pay a fee each time an ad is clicked. In Display Advertising, our team skillfully places visual ads on websites, banners, or sidebars, targeting based on user behavior or demographics for maximum impact. Leveraging Social Media Advertising, we utilize platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to deliver your ads to a highly targeted audience, using precise data to pinpoint specific demographic groups.

Our expertise also extends to Video Advertising, particularly on platforms like YouTube, where we strategically place ads to capture audience attention before, during, or after video content. In addition, through Native Advertising, we integrate ads seamlessly with page content, offering a less intrusive and more engaging user experience.

A significant part of our innovative approach includes Geo-Fencing Precision Ads. This technology allows us, the Hexapoint Paid Ads Team, to target ads to potential customers within a specific geographic boundary, significantly enhancing the relevance and impact of your advertising campaigns. Ideal for driving foot traffic to physical locations, promoting local events, or offering timely deals, this method not only engages a highly targeted audience but also provides us with valuable insights through data on consumer behavior within the geo-fenced area. These insights are instrumental in refining and optimizing future marketing strategies, ensuring that your campaigns consistently achieve the best possible results.

OTT Advertising (Over-The-Top) refers to the delivery of ads directly through streaming services over the internet, bypassing traditional cable or broadcast methods. This approach allows us to reach a diverse and growing audience who prefer streaming content on various devices like smart TVs, computers, and mobile devices.

Connected TV (CTV) advertising is a subset of OTT, specifically focusing on ads delivered through internet-connected televisions. This medium combines the high engagement of traditional TV advertising with the precision and analytics of digital advertising. At Hexapoint, we leverage CTV to place your ads on popular streaming platforms and services, offering a unique opportunity to connect with audiences in a highly engaging viewing environment.

Both OTT and CTV advertising provide advanced targeting capabilities, allowing us to tailor ads based on viewer demographics, interests, and viewing habits. This means more personalized and relevant ad experiences for the audience and more effective and measurable campaigns for our clients. With detailed analytics and insights, our team continuously optimizes these campaigns for maximum impact and ROI, ensuring that your brand stays connected with your audience in the most innovative ways.

Google Ads Account Manager

Our PPC Account Managers are the primary point of contact for our clients. They excel in understanding your unique needs and goals, ensuring that your PPC campaigns are tailored and optimized to meet these objectives. With their hands-on approach, they manage your account with utmost care, keeping you informed and involved throughout the process, and ensuring your satisfaction with the campaign performance.

Google Ads Strategist

Our PPC Specialists/Strategists are the wizards behind the scenes, meticulously crafting and managing your PPC campaigns. They conduct thorough keyword research, create compelling ad copy, and continually optimize bids to ensure maximum return on investment. Their analytical approach means your campaigns are always data-driven, aimed at achieving the best possible results in terms of clicks and conversions.

Paid Ads Creative Copywriter

At Hexapoint, our Creative Ad Copywriters are not just wordsmiths; they are key players in the success of our digital advertising campaigns. They specialize in crafting compelling, engaging ad copy that resonates with the target audience and drives conversions. But their role goes beyond just writing; they are actively involved in testing and refining the ad creatives to ensure maximum impact.

Our copywriters are skilled in A/B testing, where they create multiple versions of ad copy to test different elements such as headlines, body text, and calls-to-action. This approach allows us to identify which variations perform best in terms of click-through rates, engagement, and conversions, ensuring that the most effective messaging is put forward in our campaigns.

Beyond A/B testing, they engage in more advanced testing methodologies. This can include multivariate testing to understand how different copy elements interact and influence campaign performance. They analyze data from these tests to gain insights into consumer behavior and preferences, which then informs future creative strategies.

Their expertise in both creative writing and data analysis ensures that our ad copy is not only creatively compelling but also continuously optimized based on empirical evidence. This results in higher performing ads that truly resonate with the intended audience, making our Creative Ad Copywriters an invaluable asset to Hexapoint’s advertising success.

OTT/CTV Ad Manager

At Hexapoint, our OTT and CTV Advertising Manager plays a pivotal role in navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of digital streaming media. This expert is at the forefront of managing and optimizing advertising campaigns across streaming platforms and internet-connected televisions. Their responsibilities involve strategizing and executing targeted ad campaigns on various OTT services and CTV applications, reaching audiences who are increasingly shifting towards digital streaming for their entertainment needs.

With a deep understanding of both the technical nuances and viewer trends in the OTT and CTV spaces, our manager ensures that your ads are not only placed in the most optimal contexts but also resonate effectively with the target audience. They are adept at leveraging the advanced targeting capabilities of these platforms, allowing for highly personalized and relevant ad experiences.

Moreover, our OTT and CTV Advertising Manager is skilled in utilizing analytics and performance data to continuously refine and improve campaign strategies. They provide valuable insights into viewer engagement and behavior, ensuring that each campaign delivers maximum ROI. Their role is crucial in keeping your brand at the forefront of digital advertising innovation, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience, at the right time, in this dynamic and rapidly growing field.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Strategist

Our SEO Strategy team plays a crucial role in enhancing our clients’ online presence and driving their digital success. As high-level experts in search engine optimization, they are adept at analyzing, reviewing, and implementing changes to websites to optimize them for search engines. This means they not only increase the site’s visibility and ranking on search engines like Google but also enhance user experience and engagement.

Their responsibilities include crafting and executing SEO strategies, conducting keyword research to guide content teams, and analyzing website performance data to make informed decisions. They stay ahead of the latest trends in search engine algorithms and digital marketing to ensure that our clients consistently rank high in search results. By balancing technical SEO knowledge with creative content strategies, our SEO Strategists ensure that our clients’ websites are not just found, but also resonate with the intended audience, driving meaningful engagement and business growth.

Technical SEO Specialist

At Hexapoint, our Technical SEO Specialist is pivotal in enhancing website infrastructure and performance for optimal search engine ranking. They delve deep into the technical aspects of our clients’ websites, ensuring they are flawlessly structured and easily crawlable by search engines. This role involves meticulous work on site speed, mobile-friendliness, indexing, and resolving complex technical issues. Their expertise not only boosts our clients’ search engine visibility but also ensures a smooth, user-friendly experience for website visitors.

On-Page SEO Specialist

Our On-Page SEO Specialist at Hexapoint focuses on optimizing the content and structure of our clients’ websites to maximize search engine visibility and user engagement. They are skilled in keyword research, content creation, and ensuring that all elements like titles, headings, and internal links are optimized for both search engines and users. Their role is crucial in aligning website content with user intentions, thereby enhancing both the relevance and authority of our clients’ online presence.

Outreach Specialist

The Outreach Specialist at Hexapoint plays a key role in extending our clients’ digital footprint. They are responsible for building and nurturing relationships with influencers, bloggers, and other relevant platforms to promote our clients’ content. Their expertise lies in creating and executing outreach campaigns that enhance brand visibility and build authoritative backlinks, which are crucial for SEO. Their efforts not only boost our clients’ search engine rankings but also expand their reach to new audiences.


At Hexapoint, our Writers are the creative force behind compelling content that resonates with our clients’ target audiences. They specialize in crafting SEO-friendly articles, blogs, and web copy that not only rank well on search engines but also engage and inform readers. By combining creativity with SEO best practices, they ensure that the content is both discoverable and impactful, helping to establish our clients as thought leaders in their respective industries.



Our Editors at Hexapoint are the gatekeepers of quality and consistency in our content creation process. They meticulously review and refine written content to ensure it meets high standards of readability, accuracy, and SEO optimization. Their keen eye for detail ensures that all content aligns with the client’s voice and branding, while also being optimized for search engine algorithms. Their work is integral to delivering polished and effective content that drives engagement and supports our clients’ digital marketing objectives.



SEO Client Communication Manager

At the forefront of client interactions, our Client Communication Manager for SEO is expertly trained and excels in clear, effective communication. They are the vital link between Hexapoint and our clients, ensuring seamless information flow and understanding. This role involves articulating the progress, strategies, and outcomes of SEO campaigns to our clients with clarity and precision.

They possess a deep understanding of SEO and digital marketing, which enables them to translate complex technical processes into easily digestible information. Whether it’s explaining the nuances of search engine algorithms, discussing content strategy, or updating on campaign performance, they ensure our clients are fully informed and comfortable with the direction and progress of their SEO endeavors.

Their expertise lies not just in communication but also in listening and responding to client needs, making them integral to maintaining strong, trust-based relationships. They are adept at identifying client concerns and questions, addressing them promptly, and ensuring that our strategies align perfectly with our clients’ business goals. The Client Communication Manager at Hexapoint plays a key role in ensuring client satisfaction and the overall success of our SEO initiatives.

Technical Team

Front End Developers

Our Front-End Development Team (FEDs, if you will) creates the visual elements and interactivity that help define the websites and apps we build. We utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with frameworks like React or Angular, to structure, design, and build engaging web interfaces. In close collaboration with our Creative Team, we transform UI/UX designs into functional, interactive elements on the screen. We employ various design tools to ensure seamless responsiveness across different devices. At the core of our work is a commitment to delivering a smooth and engaging user experience that is in line with how our clients want to be represented online, which we achieve through meticulous coding and rigorous testing.

Back-End Developers

Our Back-End Development team is at the core of Hexapoint’s web and app development processes. Using languages like Python, Java, and Node.js, we manage server-side logic. We’re skilled in crafting efficient databases with tools such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Proficient in cloud platforms like AWS or Google Cloud, we excel at server configuration. Leveraging our deep knowledge of server-side scripting, we work to ensure seamless application functionality. With a solid understanding of security frameworks and best practices, we’re committed to developing secure solutions that guard against cyber threats. We are instrumental in upholding the operational efficiency and security that Hexapoint’s digital solutions are known for.

Full-Stack Developers

Our Full-Stack Development Teams are the versatile all-rounders of Gaels Group’s development projects. Skilled in both front-end and back-end technologies, we handle everything from user interface design to server-side logic. Utilizing languages and frameworks like JavaScript, React, Node.js, Python, and Ruby on Rails, we seamlessly integrate client-side and server-side development. We’re proficient in databases such as MySQL and MongoDB, and cloud services like AWS, ensuring robust and scalable solutions. Our goal is to uphold the efficiency and effectiveness that Gaels are renowned for, across every layer of development.

Mobile App Developers

The Mobile App Development Team turns creative ideas into user-friendly mobile applications. We are proficient in iOS and Android development, using languages such as Swift, Kotlin, and frameworks like React Native and Flutter. We work closely with our UI/UX designers to ensure our apps are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. By integrating APIs and leveraging cloud-based solutions, we build applications that are responsive, scalable, and secure.

API Developer/Integration Specialists

Our API Development and Integration Specialists are the bridge builders of Hexapoint. We excel in creating robust APIs that allow different software systems to communicate and share data seamlessly. Familiar with many areas including REST and GraphQL principles, we ensure that APIs are well-structured, reliable, and secure. We’re adept at working with languages such as Python, Node.js, and Java, and utilize tools like Postman and Swagger for API testing and documentation amungst other platforms. Our goal is to foster interconnectivity and interoperability across all of Hexapoint’s digital solutions, enhancing functionality and user experience.

Database Admins & Architects

Our Software Engineers are the builders of digital solutions! Some of the languages we user are Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript to develop software that meets specific requirements for our clients goals. We are proficient in both front-end and back-end development, using frameworks like Angular, React, Django, and Flask. We’re also skilled in practices like test-driven development and agile methodologies, ensuring we deliver high-quality software in the most efficient way possible. Our work is an important foundation to all Hexapoint’s digital solutions projects, supporting our reputation for quality and innovation.

System Administrators

We ensures the smooth operation of our computer systems, of course. We are typicaly responsible for installing and configuring both software and hardware, managing servers, and setting up accounts and workstations. We use monitoring tools to oversee system performance and troubleshoot issues as they arise. In the event of a hardware or software failure, we’re on hand to provide swift and effective solutions. We also work on maintaining our system security, including managing user access controls and updating policies as needed. We like to think of ourselves as the silent guardians of Hexapoint’s digital infrastructure, ensuring our systems are always up and running.

Data Warehouse Specialists

Our Data Warehouse Specialists excel in building and maintaining data warehousing solutions that enable efficient storage, organization, and analysis of large volumes of data. Using platforms such as AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, or Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, we design and implement data warehouse architectures tailored to specific business needs. We integrate data from various sources, ensuring data quality and consistency. Our expertise in ETL processes, data modeling, and performance optimization allows us to create robust and scalable data warehousing solutions.

Analytics & Data Scientists

Our Analytics Team is responsible for effectively managing and leveraging platforms like Google Analytics and others to analyze the performance of everything we create, including advanced online marketing strategies. We track key metrics, generate reports, and provide actionable insights to enhance website usability, user engagement, and marketing campaigns. By interpreting data trends and patterns, we help optimize our digital presence and make highly-advanced data-backed decisions.

Our Data Scientists are the experts in extracting meaningful insights from complex and diverse data sets. We use advanced analytics, statistical modeling, and machine learning algorithms to discover patterns, uncover hidden relationships, and provide actionable recommendations. By leveraging their expertise, they enhance our understanding of user behavior, product performance, and market trends. Their insights drive data-based decision-making, fuel innovation, and contribute to the continuous improvement of our digital solutions.

The Analytics and Data Science Department at Hexapoint combines the skills of Google Analytics Specialists, Predictive Analysts, and Data Scientists to analyze data, generate valuable insights, and optimize our digital products and strategies. Through their expertise, we ensure data-driven decision-making and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

IT Support Specialits

Our IT Support Specialists are the reliable problem solvers who keep Hexapoint’s technology infrastructure running smoothly. We provide technical assistance to end-users, resolving hardware and software issues, setting up and configuring workstations, and troubleshooting network connectivity problems. We are skilled in diagnosing and resolving technical problems promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to operations. We also provide guidance on technology usage, conduct regular system maintenance, and assist in managing IT assets and inventory. Our support ensures that Gaels Group’s employees have the necessary tools and systems to perform their roles effectively.


Project & Account Management

Agile Project Management Team

Our Agile Project Management Team at Hexapoint brings together the expertise of project managers, product managers, Scrum masters/agile coaches, and business analysts. Collaboratively, we ensure the successful execution of projects and the delivery of high-quality digital solutions.

Project Managers provide overall leadership, coordinating resources and timelines to meet project goals. They ensure effective communication, manage risks, and maintain project documentation.

Product Managers define the product vision and strategy, working closely with stakeholders to gather requirements, prioritize features, and ensure alignment with business objectives. They guide the product development process from conception to launch, driving innovation and customer satisfaction.

Scrum Masters/Agile Coaches facilitate the adoption of Agile methodologies, ensuring the team follows best practices, remains focused, and continuously improves. They remove impediments and foster a collaborative, self-organizing environment that empowers the team to deliver value with each iteration.

Business Analysts act as the bridge between stakeholders and the development team. They analyze business needs, gather requirements, and create detailed user stories and acceptance criteria. They collaborate closely with the team to clarify requirements and ensure alignment throughout the development process.

Client Engagement

Our Client Engagement Team at Hexapoint is dedicated to providing exceptional support and fostering strong relationships with our valued clients. This team comprises Customer Support Specialists and Account Managers who serve as the primary point of contact for our clients throughout their journey with us.

Customer Support Specialists are the reliable and responsive professionals who address client inquiries, troubleshoot issues, and provide technical assistance. They ensure timely and effective resolution of any concerns or challenges clients may encounter. With their in-depth knowledge of our products and services, they offer guidance and training to ensure clients maximize the value of their partnership with Hexapoint.

Account Managers act as trusted advisors, working closely with clients to understand their business goals, provide strategic guidance, and ensure their satisfaction. They serve as the liaison between the clients and our technical teams, conveying client requirements, managing expectations, and coordinating project deliverables. Account Managers proactively identify opportunities for growth and collaborate with clients to develop tailored solutions that meet their evolving needs.

Together, our Client Engagement Team focuses on building strong relationships, providing outstanding customer support, and delivering exceptional value to our clients. By combining technical expertise with dedicated account management, we ensure that our clients receive the utmost care and attention throughout their partnership with Hexapoint.