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Jacob Kettner

Co-Founder | Chief Digital Officer

Jacob Kettner is not just another name in the digital marketing sphere; he’s a Co-Founder of Hexapoint, a cutting-edge digital media and marketing agency with operations in both Canada and the U.S. Recognized as a leading authority in search engine marketing, Jacob excels at helping businesses scale and thrive online.

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, focusing on Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Manitoba, Jacob wasted no time in launching his first enterprise, First Rank Inc. The venture zeroed in on Search Engine Marketing, fueled by Jacob’s undying passion for marketing and entrepreneurship. The goal? To help business owners amp up their revenue streams.

Over the years, Jacob has collaborated with a diverse portfolio of clients spanning multiple industries and nations. Whether it’s legal services in the U.S. or appliance repair shops in Canada, his expertise has proven invaluable across the board.

Currently, Jacob lends his insight as a member of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce Small Business Advisor Council, where he plays a key role in helping small businesses in Manitoba flourish.

Businesses under Jacob’s watch don’t just grow; they lead in their respective fields, setting new standards of excellence. If you’re looking to scale your digital footprint, Jacob Kettner is the guy you want in your corner.