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Local Pillars was created to provide enterprise level service to local businesses.

Custom Made Digital Marketing Plans
Clear ROI &
Full Dedicated Account Manager
Expert Local Digital Strategy Team
Trusted By Over 5K Businesses
No Overseas / No Outsourcing


Popular Client Programs

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Roofing Contractor
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Plumbers

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Farmers Agriculture

Farmers / Agriculture
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Pest Control

Pest Control
Digital Marketing

Carpentry and Remodeling Digital Marketing

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Trade Digital Marketing Blue Collar

Trade Specialty
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Popular Services

Search Engine Optimization Company New Jersey

Google Search Ranking (SEO)

  • World-Leading SEO Experts: At Hexapoint, we boast a team of the globe’s top SEO professionals. Speak with existing clients today.
  • Unmatched Track Record: Our history is marked by unparalleled performance and extraordinary results.
  • Strategic Organic Growth: We specialize in driving organic growth, increasing online visibility, and targeting your ideal audience.
  • Proven Methodologies: Our approaches consistently outperform competitors, boosting client revenues and setting new industry standards.
  • Portfolio of Success: Our work is backed by a wealth of success stories, hard data, and tangible outcomes.
  • Local Business Specialists: We’re not just SEO experts; we’re local business growth partners, committed to propelling your business beyond conventional limits.
  • Results That Speak: Our success isn’t just claimed—it’s proven time and again with impactful, measurable outcomes.

Web Design & Development

Elevate your online presence with our award-wining local business web designers. Captivate audiences, enhance user experience, and unlock business growth through compelling design and strategic functionality.

Social Media Management Company

Social Media Management

We specialize in crafting social media content that helps to educate, entertain, and build communities. Our strategic approach ensures your brand not only gains followers but connects with them on a deeper level, fostering loyalty and engagement.

Search Engine Optimization Company New Jersey

Search Engine Ad Management

Our team has been trusted to manage millions of dollars per month in search ads. Our results-driven and goal oriented strategy, proprietary optimization methods and in-depth testing has allowed us to become a world leader in Search Ad management for business of all sizes.

Local Service Ads

Through partners like Google, Local Pillar Ads are pay-per-lead (you do not pay each time a potential custoemr clicks). These ads come with a “Google Guaranteed” badge. Connect with local customers actively seeking your services at the top of Google.

Branding & Logo

We believe in building brand identities that are not only visually stunning but also strategically aligned with your business’s core values and goals. Our approach blends innovative design with a deep understanding of your target audience, ensuring that every logo and brand component we craft resonates profoundly.

Social Media Management Company

Easy-To Use, Local Business Friendly Customer Relationship Software

We call it ZEMY, and it helps to streamline your small business operations, fosters loyal customer relationships, enhances data understand, and improve sales efficiency. Build relationships, drive sustainable growth and secure profitability.

More About Our Program:

  • Custom Made Digital Marketing Plans
  • Clear ROI & Reporting
  • Full Dedicated Account Manager
  • Expert Local Digital Strategy Team
  • Trusted By Over 5K Businesses
  • No Overseas / No Outsourcing

The Hexapoint Local Pillars Program is a specialized division of our digital marketing agency, designed specifically to empower local businesses to grow, thrive, and secure their place as an essential part of their communities. We understand that local businesses are not merely commercial entities; they are the pillars of their communities, integral to local culture, economy, and identity.

Our mission through the Local Pillars Program is to help these businesses reinforce their presence and enhance their visibility online. Whether it’s through leveraging the latest technologies, developing effective CRM systems, integrating advanced AI capabilities, or utilizing cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, our program is crafted to ensure the sustained success of each participant.

This initiative goes beyond providing temporary growth spurts. Instead, it aims to instill a lasting digital competency that will bolster businesses’ resilience in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. We focus on empowering you with the tools and knowledge necessary to compete and excel in the long run.

Our ultimate goal? To transform local businesses into ‘Local Pillars’ – unshakable, influential, and a testament to the power of community and innovation. As part of the Hexapoint Local Pillars Program, you’re not just running a local business; you’re building a legacy.

Join us as we help local businesses secure their place in the digital age, becoming true pillars in their communities.