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Aaron Michael Buch

Co-Founder | CMO + Creative Director


Co-Founder | CMO
Creative Director

Holding a Master’s in Public and Organizational Relations and a Bachelor’s in Communications and Business Administration, Aaron Michael Buch is a leading figure in the business strategy and digital growth space. As the Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Hexapoint Integrated Digital Media and Marketing, he brings an extensive background that includes serving as President and Head of Creative at Gaels Group Marketing and Technology—a trailblazing agency focused on innovative digital marketing, software development, and disruptive strategies.

Aaron has not only successfully guided over 400 healthcare practices in areas like marketing, advertising, and digital strategies, but he has also collaborated with more than 2,500 doctors. In addition, he has been hands-on in the development and oversight of over 150 websites, ensuring each one aligns with the latest trends in AI and machine learning.

Fueling this vision was Aaron’s insatiable passion for idea generation and problem-solving. “I’m not just in this for the revenue—I thrive on the process of brainstorming, researching, and developing ideas that forge meaningful connections between brands and consumers. It’s not about selling; it’s about solving problems and making lives better,” says Aaron.

With a deep-seated interest in sociology and psychology, Aaron continually delves into the mechanics of human behavior and motivation. He connects the dots between societal trends, universal truths, and fresh ideas to ease and enrich people’s lives. His arsenal isn’t limited to marketing and advertising; it extends to creative innovation, software development, and groundbreaking technology.

Under Aaron’s leadership, Hexapoint doesn’t just serve clients—it equips them with unique strategies, inventive concepts, and scalable solutions that pave the way for sustained growth and success.

Learn more about passions and hobbies.

Photograph of Aaron Michael Buch painting acrylic on canvas.

Artist, Painter

In the world of visual art, I’ve always been drawn to the expansive and tactile nature of painting. There’s something about stretching a large canvas and letting your imagination run wild on it. My go-to medium has recently been acrylics, especially in super bold and neon hues that sort of shock your eye in a good way.

In my art, to some, they may look like a burst of spontaneous energy0 and sometimes they are, but there’s a lot more going on. Each seemingly random movement is in someway calculated.  Sometimes overthought, sometimes with none at all, but they’re never just splashes of paint to me; they’re critical elements that contribute to a larger story or feeling I’m trying to replicate. That story is part of a philosophy or belief thats important to me.

The whole process for me is like a high-stakes game of chess where I’m thinking about each move. It’s strategy and execution but with art, it feels effortless. There is inspiration and strategy all while having room for unpredictability, for that spontaneous flick of the wrist that adds a twist to the narrative.

So whether it’s in the boardroom or in front of a canvas, the principles remain the same for me: vision, planning, and a bit of room for the unexpected. The end goal? To create something that not only grabs attention but also provokes thought and stays with you long after you’ve moved on.

Photograph of Aaron Michael Buch painting acrylic on canvas.

Writer, Director, Storyteller

From brainstorming in a writers room over cold but delicious Chinese food, to the executive board room in suites, my creative journey has been anything but conventional. With dedication and a little bit of luck, I’ve been able to create an expansive portfolio which includes both writing plays, broadway, television, films, and stand-up comedy. The art of storytelling has always been magical to me. Having been part of writing shoes that have sold to renowned networks like MAX (HBO), I’ve always learned and understands the intricacies of pitching, selling, and delivering content that resonates with specific and sometimes diverse audiences.

These experiences have provided me with invaluable skills that I’ve been able to transfer into business leadership. Crafting a compelling story—whether it’s a comedy routine or a business strategy—requires an intimate understanding of audience psychology, timing, and the elements that make people connect and invest. As a CMO and executive leader, I regularly leverage storytelling skills to build and guide brands, inspire teams, and drive operational success. The story (and the clarity) is critical.

In the realm of business operations I’ve built creative agility and strategic thinking through years in the entertainment industry. (I also worked for a few years doing A&R at Columbia Records / Sony). The ability to captivate an audience and present ideas is not only crucial for the stage but also for the boardroom. These multidisciplinary experiences have helped me navigate the complexities of business leadership, ensuring both operational efficiency and a culture of innovation and engagement.

Photograph of Aaron Michael Buch painting acrylic on canvas.

Musician, Audio Engineer

Music isn’t just a hobby for me; it’s a lifelong passion that deeply influences my business acumen and creativity. I’ve been playing guitar and pounding drums for well over two decades. I’ve toured the country, been signed to record labels, and released a dozen albums. Working alongside some of the best producers and audio engineers in the world has not only honed my musical abilities but also sharpened my ears for understanding the nuanced needs of client, projects and storytelling.

I started playing music because it made me feel good, and that hasn’t changed. When I began, I had no idea how much I’d learn from improvising in jam sessions, being disciplined in the studio, or collaborating with other musicians.

These experiences have shaped my leadership style. For me, running a successful company is like composing a great song—different elements coming together in a way that just clicks. Whether I’m launching a new digital marketing campaign or working on a new music track, my goal is the same: to create something memorable, impactful, and well-coordinated.

Photograph of Aaron Michael Buch painting acrylic on canvas.

Photographer, Videographer, Editor and some other things..

I know what you’re thinking. This dude does a lot of stuff. Is it true, can he be any good? How? With what time? Doesn’t he have 5 kids? A wife? A life? Well, the answer is it’s true, and yes it simply makes me who I am! I include my family in a lot of my passions. I make tons of videos and short films of my children (including shorts they created and act in!). My kids hang out at our studio and in my world, it’s not a “work-life-balance” it’s more of a circle. Everything is sort of involved together as it needs to be. No, I’m not taking 5 kids on commercial shoots, but in my day-to-day life, I’m with my family and friends all the time and it all blends together and just works. That was the idea from the beginning, and that is the vision I’m proud to say I made happen. Should we just keep going and list the rest at this point? We might as well…

I also have a bit of an obsession with technology, computers, ai, machine learning alongside a deep passion for agriculture and sustainability (that I share with my son Grant). These two areas blend together in the world of precision agriculture. In terms of hobbies and thing I collect…maybe we save those for another time.