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What’s it like to be a client at Hexapoint?

How do we measuresuccess?

SEO: Search Engine Optimization Success Measurement

  • Success in SEO at Hexapoint starts with meticulous keyword research.
  • We select keywords that are not only relevant but also have the potential to drive the right traffic to your site.
  • Our core measurement of success hinges directly on the ranking of these precise keywords on Google and the subsequent organic traffic numbers they generate.
  • This approach ensures that we’re not just chasing rankings, but meaningful visibility that contributes to your business growth.

Paid Media: (Google Ads, Precision Geo Dispay Ads, Social Ads, etc)

  • For paid ads, our formula for success involves highly selective transactional keyword selections or interest and behviorial targeting that we know will drive targeted business.
  • We consider every aspect – your budget, target area, and overall campaign goals – to craft a strategy that fits perfectly with your needs.
  • We then ‘put in stone’ what success looks like, defining clear metrics for campaign performance. So, what is it? It’s increased business, of course! This usually includes a direct return on ad spend report and/or brand awarness metrics, depending on what aligns best with your business objectives.
  • We then carve this into an actual large stone, and store it in a safe room.
Hexapoint - Shared Definition of Success

How We Do Meetings, Reporting, and Communicationsuccess.

Streamlined Meetings and Reporting – Maximizing Your Campaign’s Impact

In 2024, we’re making client communication more efficient and effective. We’ve refined our approach to meetings and reports to ensure every interaction is valuable and every report insightful.

Focused Strategy and Planning: Our approach to planning is thorough and client-centric. We start with a clear, mutually agreed-upon definition of success and detailed campaign plans. This upfront clarity leads to focused strategies and minimizes the need for mid-course adjustments, ensuring consistency and efficiency throughout your campaign.

Optimized Time Use for Maximum Impact: By streamlining our meeting schedules, we redirect valuable hours into direct campaign work. This means more time is spent on executing, analyzing, and enhancing your campaign, leading to better results and a more focused use of your budget.

Transparent and Consistent Communication: Regular updates and clear communication channels are key to our partnership. We keep you informed with concise, meaningful reports and meetings that are scheduled to maximize productivity and respect your time.

Your Success, Our Commitment: As our client, you’ll experience a partnership that values efficiency and clear communication. We’re committed to making every aspect of our work together – from planning to execution – focused on achieving your business goals.

Join us for a client experience where your success is defined clearly and pursued relentlessly.

Hexapoint gave us real confidence in our digital strategy and data.

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