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SEO In New Jersey

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective and high-converting approach to organic traffic generation that meaningfully increases your business’s search engine visibility by helping it appear in top spots on Google search results pages. At Hexapoint, our award-winning team of SEO professionals has decades of combined experience and uses customized and comprehensive strategies to dramatically improve your business’s search engine rankings.

Are you prepared to experience a 100-500+% increase in inbound inquiries within one year? We have a proven track record of moving our clients up the ranks and won’t take you on unless we believe we can achieve a high level of success for your business.

Work With the Best SEO Company

At Hexapoint, search engine optimization is one of our areas of expertise, and we approach each campaign with a signature blend of industry-leading strategies and tools, big-picture thinking, and unrelenting tenacity. We don’t use shortcuts or loophole fixes and believe there’s simply no replacement for hard work performed with skill and integrity. Our clients are our number one priority and we pride ourselves on personalized service executed with exceptional follow-through and communication.

What else sets SEO services at Hexapoint apart from the pack? When you work with our team you can expect:

  • Access to a Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • No Contracts or Hidden Fees
  • Proactive Campaign Management
  • Results-Oriented Approach With a Focus on Client ROI
  • Award-Winning Team of Experts
  • Comprehensive Services Beyond SEO
  • In-Depth Monthly Reporting and Quarterly Video Calls
  • Dedicated SEO Specialists Working on Your Campaign

Does My Business Qualify for SEO Services

Not all businesses will qualify for search engine optimization services provided by our NJ SEO agency because we don’t take on clients unless we truly believe we can help them increase their ROI by 100% or more.


A business that meets the following criteria is most likely to be a good fit for our services:

  • Firmly established (not just starting out)
  • Customers and clear sales processes already in place
  • Quality products and/or services
  • A good reputation within its industry

If your business meets these criteria, contact Hexapoint to set up a free consultation and business evaluation. Once we’ve performed an SEO audit and competitor analysis for your website, we can sit down together to determine the next steps and tailor a plan to the needs of your business.

Contact us for more information or to book your free consultation and business evaluation today!

A Custom SEO Strategy for Your Local Business

What can your business expect from a custom SEO strategy created by Hexapoint? We’ve provided an overview of our comprehensive 3-phase process below:

Phase 1: Strategy Formulation

This is the planning phase. Our team does research, gathers data, and creates a detailed roadmap to achieve the goals of the SEO campaign.

Keyword Analysis

The strategic use of advanced tools allows us to gain insights into competitor pages that are drawing organic traffic while also identifying and targeting rich keywords top competitors are missing out on. Using this information, we then develop a detailed keyword map that aims to rank every page on your site for a specific keyword or phrase and outrank your competitors, while drawing more organic traffic to your business.

Backlink Analysis

Also known as inbound links, backlinks are crucial to your website’s search engine rankings for 2 main reasons:

  1. They drive organic traffic directly to your website.
  2. Quality backlinks (backlinks from relevant, high-authority sites) signal search engine algorithms that your website is also high-quality and can help it achieve higher rankings.

At Hexapoint, we perform a backlink analysis on your business’s website, clean up any low-quality links, and actively build strategic backlinks to support overarching keyword targets on an ongoing basis.

Technical SEO Strategies

After performing a 100-point SEO audit on your business’s website, we develop a plan that prioritizes quick, high-impact fixes right off the bat and strategically implements more complex solutions further down the road to achieve ongoing technical optimization throughout the course of your campaign.

Content Development Strategy

Using information gathered from top competitors, we develop a content strategy that will position your site as a topical authority in its niche. A visual template of your business’s ideal site structure (known as a site silo) will guide the generation of high-quality content and strategic internal linking.

Google Business Profile Audit

Many businesses aren’t aware of the critical role that an optimized Google Business Profile (GBP) can play in driving organic traffic. At Hexapoint, we perform a GBP audit and develop an optimization strategy based on the analysis of top competitors.

Phase 2: Implementation of Strategy

Once a custom-tailored campaign strategy has been developed by our team and approved by yours, the implementation process can begin. While every campaign is different, the core elements below are nearly always included:

  • Low-Hanging Keywords – These are keywords your business is already ranking in positions 2-10 for on search engine results pages (SERPs). Moving them to position 1 has the potential to dramatically increase click-through rates and start your campaign off with high-impact outcomes.
  • Optimization of Existing Pages – This can involve a variety of different tasks including title tag and meta description optimization, content optimization, and internal link building.
  • Creation of Missing Pages – Missing service pages are developed and optimized according to the structure laid out in the site silo.
  • Optimization of Local Business Schema – Schema helps search engines understand and properly classify your website’s pages.
  • Technical SEO Optimization – High-priority tasks from your site’s SEO audit are tackled first.
  • GBP Fixes and Optimization – Your business’s primary and secondary service descriptions are optimized and a map is embedded in the footer of your website.
  • Link Acquisition – Our team begins manually reaching out to acquire high-quality backlinks for your website.
  • Citation Building – Mentions of your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAPs) are created and managed across the internet.

Phase 3: Monitor Results, Make Adjustments, and Continuous Work

Search engine optimization isn’t just about achieving high rankings, it’s about growing and maintaining those rankings over the long term. At Hexapoint, our expert team continually adjusts and refines campaigns to lock in top positions for competitive keyword searches, increase organic traffic flow, and ultimately improve conversion rates and revenue. Phase 3 work includes the following:


Continuous Campaign Development


The world of SEO is ever-changing and so is your business’s SEO campaign. Continuous link-building, content development, and technical SEO tasks are fundamental to its ongoing success.

Google Updates


Google’s algorithms undergo major updates multiple times per year, which can drastically impact SEO campaigns and rankings. Anticipating Google updates and responding to them effectively and efficiently is one of the many high-level skills that sets our team apart.

Competitor Analysis


Among other things, ongoing competitor analysis involves identifying new competitors that are gaining traction and revising the campaign strategy accordingly to outrank them.

Monthly Reporting


When you work with Hexapoint, you can expect comprehensive monthly reports that feature relevant and digestible data including heat maps showing geo-specific rankings.

What Is SEO? Understanding the 4 Pillars

The 4 pillars of search engine optimization are: On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Local SEO, and Technical SEO. Each pillar is powerful on its own but together they comprise a comprehensive, robust, and integrated foundation for your business’s customized SEO campaign.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to strategic optimizations that are focused within a business’s website itself. These include:

User Experience

A smooth and enjoyable user experience is one of the core goals of any on-page SEO campaign. Users who find your business’s website engaging, relevant, and easy to navigate are more likely to convert into paying customers.

Unique Content

When your website features unique content that positions your business as an authority in its niche, Google is more likely to increase its overall rank and visibility.

Keyword Utilization

Keyword utilization involves the strategic incorporation of targeted keywords and phrases throughout content, titles, headings, meta descriptions, and more.

Internal Linking

Building clear, extensive, and consistent internal links within your business’s website helps users and search engine algorithms alike to understand its structure.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to strategic optimizations that are focused beyond the scope of a business’s website but can still positively impact its visibility and rankings. These include:

Guest Blogging

Contributing high-quality content to relevant websites can aid in the development of strategic relationships and increase your website’s authority.

Citation Submission

Ensuring that your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) are accurately and consistently listed across various websites and platforms is essential in increasing its online visibility.

Link Building

Building high-quality backlinks increases your website’s authority in the eyes of Google and is a critical element in improving its overall visibility and rankings.

Local SEO

Local SEO refers to strategic optimizations that improve your business’s rankings in local search results pages. These include:

GBP Optimization

GBP optimization involves creating and/or updating service descriptions (primary and secondary), embedding maps on your business’s website, ensuring all information is relevant and up-to-date, and more.

Local Keywords

A localized approach to keyword optimization involves targeting words and phrases that may vary from location to location throughout your business’s local search area.

NAP Consistency

Inconsistencies in NAPs can negatively impact your business’s rankings, which is why monitoring them closely is essential.

Local Citations

Local citation building involves finding opportunities to feature your business’s NAPs on relevant sites and platforms that are focused within a targeted geographic area.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to strategic optimizations that improve the technical aspects of your business’s website. These include:

Page Speed

The length of time it takes content to load on your business’s website is a factor that can significantly impact its overall rankings.


Crawlability refers to the ease with which search engine crawlers can navigate your business’s website.

Site Security

Improving security not only keeps your website safe from potential threats and risks but can also move it up in search engine results pages.

Website Architecture

A website with clear overall architecture that is readily understood by search engines is also more likely to rank highly on results pages.

Case Studies

Other Digital Marketing Services We Offer

Unlike many other search engine optimization companies, Hexapoint offers a complete complement of digital marketing services. These include:

  • Website Design and Development – Custom website design, A/B testing and conversion rate optimization, CMS integration, custom graphics and illustration creation, and much more.
  • Social Media Management – Social media profile optimization, content creation and curation, storytelling and brand narrative, paid social media marketing, visual content creation, and more.
  • Digital Advertising Management – Pay-per-click campaign strategy and management, geo-fencing and location-based targeting, landing page optimization, audience segmentation, personalized ad targeting, and much more.
  • Marketing Consulting – Digital transformation consulting, email marketing and automation, multi-channel marketing optimization, and more.
  • Advanced Analytics and Data Reporting – ROI analysis optimization, workshops and training, machine learning and AI integration, customer journey mapping, and much more.


So how much does SEO actually cost?

The price point for Hexapoint’s SEO services depends on several factors including the size of the business, the scope and goals of the project, and whether or not SEO services are being integrated within the context of a broader digital marketing campaign. For a custom pricing estimate, contact our team directly.

What's included in the monthly price of SEO services?

The monthly price of SEO services at Hexapoint includes the development and implementation of a customized SEO campaign for your business as well as direct access to a dedicated client success manager and detailed monthly reporting with scheduled quarterly video calls.

Does SEO give you immediate results?

While SEO results are not immediate, many Hexapoint clients begin experiencing tangible benefits from their custom SEO campaigns within 1-2 months and certainly by the 3-4 month mark. Our proven process provides a linear ROI that steadily increases over time.

What are the top ranking factors affecting SEO?

Google’s algorithm takes more than 200 different ranking factors into account. Some of the most important are related to authoritative content, high-quality backlinks, technical optimization, user experience, and keyword optimization.
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