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USA Multi-Location Business SEO Case Study


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Ready to increase the online visibility of each and every one of your business’s multiple locations? Targeted SEO strategies can make all the difference.

Hexapoint has been providing SEO services for a multi-location business in the U.S. since 2021, with phenomenal results. Our client is established in the demolition niche and was looking to improve overall online exposure and website traffic for locations across multiple cities and states.

It’s been 2 years, and we’ve helped our client rank in top positions for dozens of keywords!

Not only that, the results of our local SEO campaign haven’t plateaued; they’re still actively gaining momentum!

In the past 6 months alone, our client’s total impressions (the number of times a website appears in search results) increased by more than 84,000, and its clicks (the number of times a website is clicked from a search results page) increased by almost 50,000.

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How has the team at Hexapoint made such a powerful difference for this particular client and many others? Read on to learn more:

Our Strategy:
A Multi-Pronged Approach

When we first began working with our demolition industry client, we immediately identified bolstering local visibility as a priority.  So, we set to work implementing a multi-pronged local SEO strategy tailored to each of their specific locations.

We built out state pages followed by city pages that were comprehensively optimized to drive organic traffic and get our client ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) for both.  Among our high-impact approaches were the following:

Targeting Keywords

In multi-location SEO campaigns, targeting local keywords is crucial.  We optimized our client’s web pages for location-specific keywords (e.g. structural demolition New Jersey, commercial demolition CT), including neighbourhood and county names (e.g. bathroom demolition Essex NJ, interior demolition Passaic) and focused on search terms specifically customized for each state and city.

In addition, we targeted general terms such as demo near me on city pages but also larger terms like demolition Ohio on state pages that broke into city pages.

When our client first partnered with us in 2021, the business wasn’t ranking at all for the search term “Demolition New Jersey”;  now, it’s been ranking in the top 3 positions for the last 2 years!

Adding Schema

To better assist search engines in understanding and categorizing our client’s website, we added Organization schema—specifically, GeneralContractor schema–to its web pages and differentiated the schema for its service pages, About Us page, and contact page.

Building Out Content

We built out high-quality, authoritative content for our client’s website.  Among other things, this involved optimizing content with neighbourhood entities and creating extensive supporting content for each target location (e.g. Types of Demolition in NJ, The Economic Impact of Demolition in NJ, Sustainability Practices for Demolition in NJ, etc.).

Thanks to authoritative, high-quality content, our client now has multiple featured snippets like the one below.  (Featured snippets appear at the top of Google search results pages and are a highly coveted means of driving traffic to your website.)

usa multilocation case study serp

Optimizing and Managing GBPs

Responsive and up-to-date Google Business Profiles (GBPs) can have a massive impact on SEO, which is why optimizing and managing all of our client’s many GBPs was a priority for our team at Hexapoint.  We added GBP service and product descriptions, and each GBP received monthly posts to further increase its volume of keywords and entities.

Current Geo Grids for two of our client’s target locations reveal the incredible impact of local SEO on their rankings over the past two years.  The business is now consistently ranking within the top 3 spots for search terms with local intent throughout entire geographical regions that we’ve strategically targeted.

demolition and contracting services demolition contractor 1

Building Local Listings and Citations

We also focused on building local listings and citations (mentions of the business) for each of our client’s target locations. We ensured that each citation and GBP linked to the corresponding location page in order to effectively signal to search engines that our client’s business has multiple physical locations.

Building Backlinks

Building backlinks is a foundational element of effective SEO, and we ensured that all of our client’s target pages received high-quality backlinks to boost authority and increase rankings.

Managing and Showcasing Reviews

Highlighting reviews and credentials is extremely important for local SEO, so we built out our client’s portfolio page and ensured that its website showcased outstanding reviews.

The strategies listed above represent a brief overview of our comprehensive and targeted approach to local SEO for our multi-location client.  In reality, our work over the past 2 years has reflected a much more in-depth and extensive reality.

Our Results:
Unprecedented Rankings and Traffic

Since our client started working with us two years ago, its business’ online visibility has skyrocketed, and it has experienced unprecedented search engine rankings and organic traffic for all of its target locations.

This isn’t a coincidence; it’s the result of strategic, effective, and responsive SEO solutions implemented by our dedicated Hexapoint team.

Look at the difference our ongoing work has made:

Our client currently holds #1 rank positions for more than a dozen relevant keywords and is within the top 3 positions for many more.  This translates to higher visibility, more organic traffic, and more conversions!  Note that strong rankings are being maintained across multiple locations thanks to effective local SEO strategy.

Work With Hexapoint for Multi-Location SEO

As the above case study reveals, expertly carried out local SEO can be incredibly impactful for multi-location businesses.  Target the locations to which you want to drive traffic and reap the rewards of dramatic increases in visibility, conversions, and revenue.

Ready to learn more about how Hexapoint’s exceptional team can boost your business’ rankings?  Contact us directly today!

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