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How Our Award-Winning SEO Team Tripled Traffic and Skyrocketed Leads & Sales for a Skin Care Clinic in 6 Months

This clinic continues to see incremental increases monthly. They were able to directly tie patient volume and sales with the significant increase in selective organic traffic brought through the digital work from Hexapoint’s Healthcare Marketing Team.


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This client came to us as a husband and wife duo starting a new business. To hit the ground running they knew SEO would be a vital part of achieving success in acquiring leads online.

In just twelve months, we took multiple highly competitive terms not ranking at all to the #1 spot and multiple other terms into the top 3 positions.


From the increases in rankings, we saw the visibility of the site grow on search result pages. This visibility increase resulted in a 198% gain in site impressions and a 147% increase in website clicks.

SEO Results
On top of the increased search result exposure, the client wanted to make an impact with their Google My Business profile. From our SEO efforts, we over doubled their profile’s viewership in just under twelve months. Going from 2500 total views in June 2020 to over 7000 views in May 2021.
Skin SEO Results

This viewership was not only direct traffic but a vast majority was from organic searches. As you can see, we doubled the amount of discovery searches their Google My Business profile received in under twelve months. Meaning that new prospective clients found their profile through organic searches looking for services and products they carried compared to branded searches.

Organic Traffic Skin Website

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