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Call Tracking

Optimize your patient acquisition costs by knowing exactly what works

No matter how patients reach out—whether by phone, text, or website form—Hexapoint Call Tracking reveals which marketing and advertising efforts attract the right patients at the best price.

Our HIPAA-Compliant Call Intelligence enhances interactions with prospects, patients, and their families. By recording and transcribing conversations, our AI automatically scores and categorizes calls, providing insights to train your staff and improve patient experiences.


Ensure the safety of both patients and your practice.

Automatically redact PHI (protected health information) Calls between healthcare providers and patients frequently cover personal matters and medical histories. Failing to maintain HIPAA compliance not only puts your patients at risk but also exposes your practice to significant fines.

At Hexapoint Health, we prioritize HIPAA compliance by offering a comprehensive end-to-end solution for healthcare providers. We also sign a business associate agreement (BAA) with each of our HIPAA clients. Reach out to us today to set up your BAA and discover our tailored HIPAA plans.


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