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We Register, Verify, Organize and Maintain your practice and provider pages across 100+ online directories where patients look to find doctors. Our platform is fast, efficient, can dramatically boost your local SEO scores and increase your patient volume.

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At Healthgrades, we take the guesswork out of finding the right doctors, hospitals, and care for you and your family. By making healthcare easier and more transparent, Healthgrades empowers you to make decisions based on information, not just instinct. You can rest easy knowing you and your family are receiving proven, high-quality care that’s right for you.


Vitals is the largest online database of patient reviews for doctors and facilities. Millions of patients use Vitals each day to find the best provider for their needs. Vitals empowers everyone to shop for their health care like an expert. Their consumer website,, is the trusted source for patients to find and connect with the best doctors and care facilities. With more doctor ratings and reviews than any other site online, helps more than 120 million people each year access better care.

WebMD Care

More than 76 million people turn to WebMD each month as they seek information and support for their healthcare needs. WebMD partners with doctors and health experts across a broad range of specialty areas to ensure their content is accurate and up-to-date, ultimately helping people live healthier lives. With Yext, healthcare providers can manage their facts on WebMD Care and Vitals – WebMD’s provider directory platforms, to help enhance the accurate, up-to-date information patients and consumers find about them.


The Original Doctor Rating & Review Site! With over 2.5 million ratings, RateMDs is the source for up-to-date doctor ratings and reviews, the latest health trend coverage, and medical specialty information. RateMDs gives patients and medical professionals a voice, helping connect healthcare providers and facilities with those in need of medical care.


BetterDoctor makes it easier for patients and doctors to connect by working with health plans, provider groups, health systems, and startups to create and deliver high-quality, accurate data to the marketplace at large. BetterDoctor’s tools help bring trust, transparency, and confidence to the process of finding a doctor.


CareDash makes it easy for patients to make more informed decisions about their health, by making doctor and hospital information more accessible, inclusive, and transparent. On CareDash, patients can search for doctors by name, specialty, or location. Patients can also view physician ratings and reviews from other patients. CareDash never edits or removes negative reviews, ensuring that every patient’s healthcare decisions are based on real and unfiltered feedback.

Cured is a directory site that provides searching patients with health, fitness, nutrition, and provider information.


DocShop provides searching patients with an easy-to-use online directory of doctors, categorizing them by their specialty and area in which they practice. DocShop connects patients with licensed professionals, ensuring that patients get answers from reputable professionals they can trust.


EZDoctor was founded by a group of doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs whose mission is to help facilitate transparent communication and relationships within the industry. EZDoctor equips patients with the tools they need to make informed healthcare decisions and provides doctors with the opportunity to reach more patients than ever before.

EZDoctor supports listings for healthcare professionals only.


HealthSoul offers a comprehensive directory of healthcare facilities, medical professionals, and insurance providers, offering patients an easy way to search and review healthcare services. To help patients make more informed decisions, HealthSoul includes credible posts and articles that are related to the specialty or practice that the patients are searching for.

HealthSoul is committed to helping consumers identify challenges in their healthcare, increasing access to healthcare professionals, facilities, and insurers, and innovating community solutions that lead to superior health outcomes. HealthSoul believes optimal healthcare access rests on a foundation of more informed and effective decisions. helps consumers make more informed buying decisions, selectively capturing and reporting the top health and happiness pursuits around the world with tips, experiences, and recommendations from the community on how to achieve the lifestyle results people are looking for. supports listings for healthcare professionals and facilities.


Boost Local SEO & Organize Your Online Presence



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